Hotel Information

  • As a Stay-To-Play event provider all teams AND individuals will complete the hotel lodging process through the event website, not direct with the hotel. See the tournament page for the event you are attending and find the hotel link with currently available options.
  • You are considered local to an event if your permanent residence is within 75 miles of the venue. Please let us know if you are local and still receiving notifications.
  • A $6 booking fee is used to hold each reservation with the balance of the room charged at checkout by the hotel directly. Please note resort properties may include additional deposits.
  • Teams may elect to “Opt-Out” of the Stay-To-Play policy and submit the value of the event “Opt-Out Fee” for each attending event. Please contact us for additional information regarding opt out rates.
  • TIPS for SEARCHING/HOLDING a Block of Rooms:
    • Searching “1” room only will bring up all available properties vs showing no vacancy.
    • If you need dates outside of what is showing available, we can assist! Please send us your confirmation and what dates you need added on to your block or reservation.
    • Contact us if you locate a property available but additional inventory would be needed to house your team (please include the # of rooms needed)
    • All communication will need to take place through our staff/the event directly, not via the hotel directly.
    • Click VIEW RATE to see exact amount, room types and rates available
    • Click HOLD RATE to hold a block for your team and look for an email with information to provide your team to complete booking within that block online
  • The following are not considered in compliancy with stay to play, and would need fall into the opt out category:
    • Staying with family
    • Camping
    • Timeshare
To modify or cancel a reservation within deadline, click here
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